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2020-2021 GeoTour T-Shirt Sponsor

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LIMIT ONE ORDER PER PERSON ON THIS PAGE - YOU ARE NOT BUYING A T-SHIRT HERE - YOU ARE BUYING A SPONSORSHIP SLOT ON BACK OF EVENT SHIRT. This is your rare opportunity as a geocacher (or geocaching supporter) to become a sponsor and have your geocaching username (or muggle name) included on the backs of our limited edition custom event t-shirts. These t-shirts GLOW IN THE DARK and will celebrate the 7th Annual Berea Chamber of Commerce Geocaching Launch Weekend and 5th Annual GeoTour. Don't miss your only chance to be included on this 2020 Special Edition T-shirt. There will be a separate website link to purchase our t-shirts on the Berea Chamber's Geocaching page for geocachers who were not among the first 150 people to pre-register (but in case you missed it, it's: https://firstgear1.com/berea_chamber_expedition_tees/shop/home ) Only 36 names will be included on the back of this event t-shirt, so act fast before they run out! LIMIT ONE ORDER PER PERSON ON THIS PAGE